What is Little Bridge?

An award-winning, research-backed platform where children learn English quickly and effectively.

How does it work?

Children learn through stories, activities and games, all underpinned by robust pedagogy (aligned to international standards) and by practicing their English with other users in our social community. We have evidence that Little Bridge gives a real purpose and motivation to learn. This is because Little Bridge users are able to use their new English skills immediately, by making friends and communicating in English with others from around the world in our social community.

What have we achieved?

We have helped children in over 100 countries learn English. Little Bridge has won multiple industry awards, and is recognised as a leading education technology brand.

Why choose us?

Little Bridge is proven and has been trusted by users in over 100 countries and by 10,000 schools.

Teacher Resources and Tools

Little Bridge has a full suite of teacher resources and tools. Includes Flashcards, Activity Sheets, Audio Files, Teacher's Guides, Personal Progress Records, Reports and Assessments. Find out more here.




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